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Backwoods Banana Cigarillos


Banana Backwoods is  sweet  and fruity cigar that has an authentic banana flavor. The cigars are shipped from California and are desired by those who love cigars. They are offered in a five pack box (40 cigarettes). 

This Backwoods Banana cigar is an natural, rustic cigar whose wrapper is filled with the sweetness of sweet bananas. The taste is intense and silky, and the quality is exceptional. They are made using top-quality Dominican tobaccos and are available in small quantities. This 5 Pack box comes with eight foil pouches, each containing five cigars.

You can also pick the newly released Backwood Banana in 40 count box.  This box is beautifully made to look like treasure chest, why? Because Backwoods Banana are a treasure, everyone wants these flavorful cigarillos.