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Djarum Splash Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 12

Filtered Cigar

Djarum Splash Filtered Cigars are infused with traditional Indonesian tobaccos that deliver a combination of flavors with other exotic spices. Djarum Splash is mild in strength, treating the senses gently without overpowering them. Each Djarum Splash filtered cigar is sized at 2.5 inches and tailored with a 20 ring gauge, these cigars epitomize the idea of a gentle, recreational smoke. Their brown filter matches the color profile of their short filler tobacco wrapper. Djarum Splash is seamlessly rolled, homogenized tobacco leaf that burns smoothly and satisfyingly until the very end. Their sweet fragrance and fruity taste combine to deliver an uncompromising experience that is impossible for the competition to match. This might be the best smoke you have experienced, Kretek has been manufacturing these filtered cigars since 1951, so they have a lot of years of experience on their side.