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Cherokee Ultra Light Pipe Tobacco, 16oz Bag


Cherokee Ultra Light Pipe Tobacco is easy on the senses, extremely calming and soothing. Made from the lighter Cavendish and Green River tobacco leaves, this blend features a natural tobacco. Cherokee processed this product in a ribbon cut, a texture perfect for both roll your owns and pipes. This blend burns slowly and consistently and isn't harsh on the throat. Cherokee Ultra Light is a very mild in strength smoke, perfect for beginners. Cherokee guarantees the preservation of quality and freshness for long durations thanks in part to the resealable bags that the tobacco comes in.

Cherokee tobacco company produces their pipe tobacco with blends that were perfected centuries ago and passed down generations. Shortly after their inception, the manufacturer received world fame for creating some of the best tasting tobacco mixtures on the market. Not only is the pipe tobacco so darn good but it is also easy on the wallet. Cherokee pipe tobacco is a value driven company that delivers the best combination of pipe tobacco for the lowest possible price.