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Djarum Black Sapphire (Ultra Menthol) Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 12

Filtered Cigar
Sapphire(Ultra Menthol)

Djarum Black Sapphire offers a strong Menthol flavor that overshadows any other flavors that the cigar is infused with. Djarum Sapphire filtered cigars naturally assimilate the taste of a tangy clove; however, for the lovers of the fresh breath Djarum is now offering a little extra kick with extra menthol flavor when compared to its counterpart Djarum Emerald (menthol). These Indonesian gems are perfectly wrapped in a natural homogenized leaf wrapper, seamlessly machine rolled to render a consistency in the burn. Djarum Black Sapphire filtered cigars are 2.5 inches in size with a 20 ring gauge, one should expect a short and blissful smoke that suits any occasion.