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Dutch Masters Cigars Corona De Luxe


Dutch Masters aren't just the kings of the cigarillo world, but they also are among some of the most revered manufacturers of premium cigars worldwide. Listed herein are the Dutch Masters Corona De Luxe Cigars, the archetype of non flavored perfection. This Puerto Rican delight is coated in a Natural Leaf Wrapper, allowing for a smooth burning experience from the beginning to the end. Each of these stick renders a mild to medium smoking experience, great for beginners that wish to tread gently upon their senses. With a draw so simple and a burning experience so consistent, you'll leave your senses craving for more every single time.

Stuffed with Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed short filler tobaccos, these products are immaculately rolled and show off a beautiful veneer no matter what shape they assume. With a homogenized wrapper leaf binder, these sticks are perfectly wrapped and held together. Because they are devoid of flavor, the room note that they leave behind is generally not overpowering and should not impinge upon the senses of bystanders. Their light brown cloak stands out among the crowd of competitors, yielding a beautiful construction that is tough to match.