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Dutch Masters Cigars Corona Sports

Box of 55

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At the turn of the last century, Dutch Masters had started releasing cigars that were exclusively smoked and promoted during the spectatorship of recreational sports. One such released model is commonly known as the Dutch Masters Corona Sports Cigars, featuring a premium quality light brown Candela veneer that features a top of the line Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler that is known to burn slowly and consistently. Wrapped and bound by a homogenized wrapper leaf, each Corona Sports stick boasts a length of 5.63 and a comfortable ring gauge of 43. If you're not smoking these during recreational sporting events then you are clearly not observing the tradition.

Originating out of Puerto Rico, where the comprising tobacco constituents are grown to perfection due to perfect climatic conditions, each of these products is wrapped in beautiful wrappers that preserve their freshness. If you truly enjoy a high quality smoke stick then look no further than this masterpiece.