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Dutch Masters Cigarillos Honeycomb 20 Pouches of 3


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Indulge in an endless sensation of delectable sweetness with Dutch Masters Honeycomb cigarillos is the epitome of finger licking good. Crafted to a state of consummation, this product features a tasty honey flavor that is reminiscent of the actual thing bees work so hard to produce. Grown on the luscious, traditional tobacco farms of Puerto Rico this Altadis USA product boasts a luscious homogenized wrapper leaf that seamlessly encompasses the perfectly ripened and professionally cured Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed tobacco that is known to go down the throat smoothly and burn steadily from the beginning to the end with each ignition.

These mild in strength Honeycomb Cigarillos sponsor the best in their class flavor to strength ratio, sufficing to never overpower the senses of smell and taste and featuring a rather low room note so that bystanders are left seemingly unaffected. Yes, they are known for their sweet aromatic nature; however, it is only strong enough to be felt by the smoker in all the right proportions. Created at 4.5x28, you can rest assured that you will experience the best bang for the buck every time you smoke these masterpieces.