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Dutch Masters Foil Fresh Blend Atomic Fusion Cigarillos 30 Packs of 2


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All rivals step aside and make room for the new legend. The Dutch Masters Foil Cigarillos Atomic is a brand-new product, which allows for the manifestation of blazing tropic fruity flavors that awaken the palate from its inherent deep slumber. These smoke sticks make the senses feel like no meal can, allowing for an unparalleled revitalizing sensation to occur with every puff. Cloaked in a premium Natural Tobacco Leaf, you can anticipate only the highest in quality tastes found in the untampered leaf that originates straight out of the plantation. Bound by a homogenized wrapper leaf, one can anticipate a solid construction and steady smoking experience with every inhalation. Placed carefully into resealable pouches that are stitched with zippers, these Dutches are optimized for long term flavor preservation.