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Dutch Masters Foil Fresh Irish Fusion Cigarillos 30 Packs of 2


Enter a fine world of pleasure every time you dare to inhale an ignited Dutch Masters Foil Cigarillo Irish Fusion. Upon your first ignition, brace yourself for a delightful smoke originating from a combination between hand selected Cuban Seed tobaccos and silken, sugary Irish Cream. Originating out of the luscious lands of Puerto Rico, each of these goodies boast a mellow strength profile, which gently swathes the senses in the most unforgettable ways. Assuming the dimensions of 4.5x28, these products are a definite force to be reckoned with due to their design structure. Bound by a splendid homogenized tobacco leaf, you are looking at a masterpiece that is filled with the ripest Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler that burns slowly and steadily with every inhalation. These products are placed in resealable pouches that are fit with a zipper for the purposes of quality and flavor preservation.