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Dutch Masters Cigarillos Cognac XO 20 Pouches of 3


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Some prefer to reach a point of intoxication with alcohol, others prefer to experience an intoxication of ecstasy. The latter group resorts to smoking the Dutch Masters Cognac XO Cigarillos, a product that is made up of Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler that is dipped into a delectably sweet cognac flavoring and covered by a light brown Candela Wrapper. This Puerto Rican goodness is wrapped and bound by a seamless Homogenized Wrapper Leaf for the purpose of rendering a slow and consistent burn from the beginning to the end. Giving off a mellow in strength smoke, each of the Cognac XO cigarillos never overpower the senses.

The Natural Tobacco Leaf that cloaks these goodies is perfectly manufactured for conditions, which allow for the preservation of its integrity. Dutch Masters place these products into resealable pouches, allowing them to have an extended expiration date so that you won 't have to cloud your head with worries surrounding the diminishing of its quality.