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Good Times Mini cigarillos 15 packs of 3, $1.19 Pre-Priced


Good Time USA has captivated the taste buds of millions of smokers since they first hit the scene in 2008. These affordable smokes are made with quality choice tobaccos from Central America and utilize modern flavor infusion technology to create an aromatic, and satisfying smoking experience.

A cigarillo is a slender cigar of a specific size, typically shorter and narrower than a full-sized cigar and made with multiple different tobacco blends. These Good Times mini cigarillos are shorter than the average sized cigarillo and come in a variety of delicious flavors such as Black Diamond, Black Sweet, Classic Green, Diamond, Green Sweet, Sweet, Watermelon and White Grape

These flavors have always sold well for Good Times when they were pre-priced at 99c, however, due to economic conditions, the price to manufacture these machine made cigars has increased, causing Good Times to increase the pre-price point to $1.19.