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Hav-a-Tampa Jewels Regular Cigars


The first cigars made by the company was created from Tampa, Florida, Hav-A-Tampa Jewel regular cigars are among of the top-selling tobaccos made with wood that are topped by machines. They are made of a premium blend of tobaccos and wrapped with a birchwood tip. The birchwood tip gives the perfect draw, and also an aroma that is pleasant as the cigars burn.

Hav-A-Tampa Jewels are mild cigarillos that have the warm, smooth taste. They make a great everyday smoke. They come in both natural and filter-tipped flavors. Natural wrappers provide some sweetness, while the varieties with filter tips have a more robust taste. These cigars are the popular choice for non-smokers too. They have a wonderful, smooth taste and are a ideal size for smokers of average.

Hav-A Tampa was originally a local owned brand. The company shut down the Tampa, Florida factory in 2009 due to the recession. The name Hav-A-Tampa has been synonymous with cigars made in Tampa for several years. The Hav-A Tampa brand has been produced through Altadis, USA. They are now manufacturing Hav-A-Tampa cigars in a factory located in Puerto Rico.

Hav-A-Tampa cigars come in various varieties and styles. They are a favorite for those who love cigars since they are reasonably priced and richly flavored. The cigars they offer are full of flavor and offer a genuine smoking experience. Grab either the 5 pack or 2 packs from A2Ztobacco.com