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Phillies Menthol Filtered Cigars, 10 Packs of 20


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Phillies Filtered Menthol Cigars are exclusively produced from a high quality homogenized wrapper leaf that embraces Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler tobacco. Phillies Menthol Cigars provide a cool hint of peppermint once lit.  Phillies Filtered cigars are 3.12 inches in length and have 20 gauge ring size.  The Natural wrapper color that cloaks these Phillies little cigars is similar to that of a premium cigar, giving way for a slow burn and consistent drag. Phillies Little Cigars are machine made and manufactured in the United States, Phillies obtains their tobaccos from a variety of different countries out of the Caribbean. Grown under exclusively humid conditions, their constituent tobacco receives the perfect amount of sunlight and rainfall.