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Remington Peach Filtered Cigars 10 Packs of 20


The Remington Filtered Peach cigars are an amazing piece of work. They are made with the finest tobacco of Santo Domingo. Remington Peach cigars are a delicious and sweet cigar. They are made of premium tobacco that is grown within Santo Domingo, making them smooth to smoke. The peach flavor is especially loved by smokers. These Peach cigars are among Remington's most well-known cigars and offer a great introduction to smoking cigars.

They're also priced reasonably which makes them a great option for smoking on the go. They're made with a unique mixture of filler tobaccos and an excellent wrapper. If you're looking for a lighter cigar or a more robust cigar, Remington Peach cigars can offer a satisfying smoke at anytime of the day.