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Swisher Sweets Black Cigarillos 30 Packs of 2


Swisher Sweets Black cigarillos are an excellent way to indulge in an easy, smooth smoke. They are made with the highest quality pipe tobacco, the cigars provide the perfect, delicious scent and a high-quality smoke for a reasonable price. They are available in a range of flavors.

The Swisher Sweets Black Cigarillos have an extraordinary blend of tobacco that are machine-rolled. The rich tobacco filling will provide you with a smooth and deep flavor that is hard to get from any other cigar. The tobacco is blended to ensure that every smoke of the cigarillos is an ideal quantity of flavor.

They Black Cigarillos by Swisher are popular. They are made of premium Honduran tobacco These cigarillos are a popular choice with Swisher brands smokers. Two packs of these cigarillos for cost of $.99, save on 2 and 1.49 are available.

These Black Cigarillos by Swisher Sweets are the perfect combination between smooth pipe tobacco, and cigars with tipped tips. They fill the air with an amazing aroma. They are made from hand-selected smoking with air-cured cigars.