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Swisher Sweets Regular Cigarillos, 30 Packs of 2


Swisher Sweets Sweet Cigarillos are a fantastic way to get the flavor of tobacco without the cost. Swisher Sweets Cigarillos feature a premium blend of tobacco and they are placed in a foil pouch that can be resealed. This keeps the cigarillos in good condition for longer. 

Sweets Sweets Regular cigarillos are made using a premium blend of tobaccos and provide smooth smoking experience. They are a fantastic value for the money, with a price at 99 cents for a pack. They are machine-rolled to ensure a consistency in draw and taste.

Many smokers from the past say that their decision to switch to cigarillos is due to the low cost of their previous smoking habit. A Swisher Sweets smoker is describing his newfound love for cigarillos as being a "cheap" alternative to cigarette smoke. The lower cost of cigarillos can have a major impact on the brand's preference and usage behaviors.

Swisher sweets cigarettes are an excellent choice for those who are just beginning. The smooth taste and refined style ensures they are a pleasure to smoke. They are easy to draw and are simple to smoke. They are always smooth and sweet. It is evident that the Swisher Sweets cigars are perfect for any event.