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Swisher Sweets Strawberry Cigarillos, 30 Packs of 2


If you are a fan of the flavor of cream and strawberries You will surely enjoy Swisher sweets strawberry cigarillos. They are long and storied history and are manufactured by Swisher International, Inc. They come in different varieties of fruit and are identified by the fruit. Swisher is among the most popular brands on the market in the United States.  

The taste is sweet and smooth. It's especially suitable for first-time smokers of cigars. The cigars are the finest blend of tobaccos that are natural. Swisher Sweets Strawberry Cigarillos are among the most popular machines-made cigars sold in the United States.

Swisher Sweets Strawberry Cigarillos are a great option for people who are new to smoking or who love the flavor of sweet cigars. They're a tasty mix of tobaccos and are mild to medium in strength. Each stick is made up of two cigars and is packed in a resealable bag to make it easier.