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White Owl Blue Raspberry Cigarillos


The greatness that lies behind the concoction of the White Owl Blue Raspberry Cigarillos comes from the flavorful goodness of the blue raspberry and a mild-tasting filler tobacco. Never created to overthrow the senses, these White Owl cigarillos are cloaked in an HTL Indonesian wrapper that is held together by the homogenized tobacco leaf - one that is known for a steady burn. Engulfing the perfectly ripened Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler tobaccos, these cigars leave behind a flavorful room note that fills its surrounding with pleasant smells. What 's great about this flavor is that it binds with the filler tobaccos in such a way where its medium bodied smoke is delivered in perfect synchronization with the delivery of the notoriously fruity blue raspberry. Try this perfected flavor now!