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White Owl Strawberry Kiwi Cigarillos


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If you are a fan of exotic flavors, White Owl has introduced the Swirl Strawberry and Kiwi cigarillo. They are special editions of cigars that will not last long, and once they're gone, they're gone. They are packaged in a convenient pouch which keeps fresh and tasty. These delicious cigars are a pleasure to smoke at any time. 

Swirl Strawberry and Kiwi cigarillos can be described as limited-edition They are made using premium tobacco and essence of fruit. It has a refreshing, fruity taste and is extremely fragrant. It is packed in a foil bag to guarantee freshness. It also has an eminently body smoke.

The delicious cigars are produced by the Swedish Match Tobacco company in Alabama. They have five different varieties of tobacco that are from all over the globe. They have a slight strawberry flavor. The delicious cigarillos have been a staple to the world of cigarettes for more than 100 years.